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Portmanteau Project: Lensculture Awards

Time to show the analogue and darkroom practitioner skills I have within the Portmanteau Project.

Camera: Canon A-1

Printed within the Darkroom the series, but digitally scanned and retouched to look like a modern day black and white digital photograph. Quite surprising the little amount of retouching was needed for this type of film, came out perfectly clear and dustless (nearly)

Each photo has a meaning though emotion, also showing the passion given into the working of each image. Little bit similar to painting but with a camera and film development.

Portmanteau Project:

The Five photographs chosen for the Lensculture Black and White Awards

The Textured Wall:

The Textured Wall: A Portmanteau Project at the University of Northampton

The expression of feelings to capture the individual character of the buildings to represent not just the notion of change, but also the disappearance of the buildings in the future which is being demolish, removing the history and pass of the University nourishing history of grown from the 1970s and onwards.

As a student who live at Park Campus within the First Year of studying at the University, the character of the place help grows my own character, gaining confident and personality towards myself not just as a photographer but as a person, becoming more social-able, friendlier and approachable also shinnying within my own photography work, looking for different perspectives and creativity through the influences of photography. Presenting the notion of change from then and now.

Patterns of Metal:

Patterns of Metal: A Portmanteau Project at the University of Northampton

Many architectural parts of buildings create many opportunity to design the most unusual pieces of art. The textures within the metal, displays the gone-though of change throughout the years of the Park Campus' life, which is slowly fading away by the damages of rust and scratches.

The Stone Spine:

The Stone Spine: A Portmanteau Project at the University of Northampton

The representation of the spine, balances the foundation of the mind, knowledge and creativity which the Park Campus delivered though it's stone foundation of this unique building. Adding a surrealism trait of character towards the building, by making it feel more human towards the community that use to be within this part of the University. Now a slightly empty and quiet area to what it was before.

The Lamp in the Glass:

The Lamp in the Glass: A Portmanteau Project at the University of Northampton

Plain, simple and basic this image would be if the light wasn't on in the reflective glass.

The representation with this image was the amount of blacks, highlighting the type of sadness and emptiness without company fighting with the heavily depression of life (Which is the straight metallic frame between the top and bottom window). The Lamp represents the light of hope not to stop or give up hope within the modern era of life. Even though it is small and tiny, it is still brightening and bringing light into the life. Which makes it day to day, worth living for.

The Wall of Northampton:

The Wall of Northampton: A Portmanteau Project at the University of Northampton

Unique Textures and patterns expressing the beauty of art through the 35mm Film Camera. The Wall can tell many stories and character of the place before it goes away from existence of change and development.

For a few people, this is a wall in a specific area of the old University of Northampton: Park Campus, which is ignored and passed by many people who have graduated or were learning at the campus.

But within many viewer's opinions, this could be a political meaning of staying or bordering something from existence with could be bordering the outside life, socialism and emotional feelings for people, which cannot be explained with words .

As a little Fan of Pink Floyd, hope you can see the surreal reference towards the wall, which is very hard to see, many different people see different views and opinions towards this image.

Portmanteau Project Link for information about the influences, research and development:

Instagram Link:

Flickr Link of the Portmanteau Project Series:

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