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Degree Show 2018 Project: Art of Portraiture

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Outcome of the Final Imagery:

Test strips and Backup Prints are in the Archive Box: To Help support or change the prints within the frames, also the test print demonstrate the changes needed with the grade, exposure and removal of the dust & scratches.

All prints within the frames (20x16 and 8x10 Frames), have demonstrated the skills and knowledge of the skills, knowledge and dedication to use/practice the art of portraiture with an analogue/film, displaying a knowledgeable dedication to be a fashion, music and documentary within portraiture photography. Relating to the type of photography which I passionately enjoy and express within my career or practices within the art.

Few changes were changed within the exhibition due to space and size of the frame sizes and lightbox size as well, also the space for the business cards and artist’s statement for the exhibition of my portraiture project with analogue practices.

Artist’s Statement and Business cards, will be near the lightbox as there is enough, space and room for the clients/viewer and examiner, even the public and other students to read about my photography project and also take my contact details for them to use for business/commercial use within my career or commissions/photography work to do.

Hopefully all the frames and work can be on one wall with all the items on, showing the development of skills and knowledge of photography within my analogue/darkroom practices.


Damaged Sides on the frames (one is 20x16 and another 8x10), will get new ones for the Free Ranged, to prevent distraction and unprofessionalism within my photography work. But overall professional and artistic creations of analogue/darkrooms, showing an unique artistic skill of portraiture; which relates to the style and theme of photography, I would like to specialise in as a career.

Exhibition prints, contact sheet and Lightbox all ready for the Exhibition:

Small prints done on Resin-coated photographic paper

Big prints on Fibre Based warmtone photographic paper

All taken by Film - Lomography Film

Photographs of my Exhibition Space within the Walgrave Building.

Degree Show - 08/06/18 to 15/06/18 University of Northampton

Avenue Campus

Walgrave Building

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