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Digital Series of Caliburn (Music Band)First Location Photo-shoot:

Updated: Oct 29, 2018

The development of CaliburnUK (music band) Portraiture and Location Photo-shoot:

Influences and Ideas – Planning and Research:

Within the progression of the location photo shoot with CaliburnUK, the plan was to make contact through social media to organise and plan for what time and day to do the photo-shoot, also knowing what style and theme the band wanted for advertising posters and images onto their social media page.

The first influence for this bands photo-shoot was to consider Kerrang magazines and Rock and metal related music photographers who specialise in the area, first the torso was thinking of was Paul Harries who was a photographer which work with a few bands within Rock and Metal music in his portfolio.

Paul Harries. Corey Taylor – Slipknot.

This example of Paul Harries’ work as influence is from the photograph ‘Corey Taylor – Slipknot’ demonstrating the exploration of music and location photography which can draw an impactful and interesting photograph using a digital camera. Exploring the tools of the flash and natural lighting demonstrates the exploration of confidentially pushing usage of what a photographer can use to further the atmosphere and mood within the photographs.

Within this photograph it explores how effectively flash can be used in cis specific situations, without flash this image will show silhouette of the singer, fields and trees but will show the colours of the sky. Although it would make a mysterious and unusual type of surreal photography without the flash, the usefulness of the tools help lightens and capture the detail of the person within the photograph and the details of the surrounding, progressing the fact the flash was needed in the location shoot if needed or to push my experimental and creativity within the images I was needing for the location photo-shoot for the CaliburnUK.

This image, it shows and demonstrate the standard and requirements needed within the 21st Century in the music industry needed and required within this area of photography demonstrating the professional skills needed and use of tools when in specific situations on locations, also push and further the creativity and experimental stages of what to do within the time frame and time of that shoot.

Second photographer which was a keen interest within music and analogue photography was Mick Rock who demonstrates within his generation of photography, the beauty of film and music intertwining in harmony. Furthermore, this photographer also is heavily well-known for taking photographs of David Bowie who is a strong and interesting character within the music industry, pushing the creativity and imagination of photography and art through the usage of imagery within albums and covers in Bowie’s Band and solo work in Music.

Suitable of this imagery, will be shown in one colour analogue photograph and another in black and white to demonstrate how the colour, contrast and atmosphere can affect the impact of the image. Giving brief reasoning for that type of imagery into the photograph.

Mick Rock. David Bowie. 1972

Firstly, the colour photograph of ‘Bowie. 1972’ photograph taken by Mick Rock. Demonstrating the exploration of angle and position which a photographer can exploring when shooting a person characterise the personality within photograph. Though the lighting of the photograph captures the moody but silent atmosphere, as if the model is in his own for solace and place to feel themselves more naturally and peaceful towards the photographer, considering the fact of looking in a location that the model or person can feel calm and relaxed towards the photographer but interacting and socialising with the model to perfectly capture that perfect moment which reflects and shows a character which other cannot see behind that subject’s life.

The lighting demonstrates how effective it can cause a type of mood, from this it shows a mixture of high key lighting with the softness of low key lighting to get a positive, an innovative, dramatic type of feelings with the subject’s character and personality within the photograph, having a mixture of unimaginable meanings and representation towards specific targets when looking at the images but is very ironic and impactful.

Although with the colour showing the details of subject’s colour hair and mood though the expressions on the face and eye colour. Black and white photography focuses on the subject through lighting and composition, to express the mood and atmosphere of that moment through the photographer’s view.

Mick Rock. Bowie Santa Monica. 1972

This example demonstrates a powerful and impactful excitement from the musician’s passion, also looking closely at the image it seems like the subject is in his natural atmosphere on stage and in front of a crowd. Perspective of the lighting shows the usage of flash-gun being used to capture the upbeat nature of the event, which can be unique within different types of genre music, which is very difference through styles and theme.

Furthermore, the comparison between both colour and black & white both images from Mick Rock, is that throughout the series of work or exploration the photographer pushing and uses a mixture of equipment and tools depending on the situation. Giving the thinking process of how to organise and plan the type of photograph the photographer wants or needed to capture the mood and atmosphere to describe a narrative throughout a photograph.

But the comparison between Mick Rock and Paul Harries in quite big from the generation and style of music they do within the music industry, throughout other types of rock music location is needed to express or capture the musician character and personality with that image. Ignoring the technology differences with both photographers both aim to make successful and impactful images which inspires self-work to further with the analogue or digital camera, when given the opportunity and the resources to shoot with film.

Furthermore, from both photographers, it demonstrates the exploration and boundaries to push within specific photography furthering the use of equipment and tools to create photographs which are impactful and interesting towards the viewer and the clients interest in a commercial and advising view of photography than an artistic view.

But with CaliburnUK being goth and metal types of music, influence by the 80s and 90s Rock and Metal bands. The film type of photography proof to be very successful and little bit more popular than the digital as the lighting and contract reflected the characters which the work of both photographers and influences give within my work in music photography.

What the Clients wanted from the Location Photo-Shoot:

Other than the influences and research I have considered for music photography, I asked the clients the style and theme of the photograph they were considering so both my influences and they influences are combined, so that it will give it a more clear and reliable source of materials for the brief of the location photo-shoot.

Furthermore, with the client’s influences shown towards myself, I had a stronger and flexible understanding of what is needed within the art of music photography without worrying about getting the photographs the clients want than worrying that I have got done.

Client’s photograph from other types of bands location shoot.

Unknown Title. Unknown Photographer. Unknown Date

From the Images above from the Clients, were the type of photograph and style they wanted for they portfolio and profile on their social media page within Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get themselves started plus find out the characteristic each band member is like for the personal and single portraiture of each band member with the 35mm film camera later, during the location shoot.

The Location Photo-shoot (Digital Series):

The first batch of photographs to came out very successful and professional for the clients of CaliburnUK, which were slightly edited by contrasts, lighting and saturation because of the fact the bands were a metal/rock music type of genre music than a light and friendly type Pop or Punk band in the non-edits of the outcome of the digital series.

The Looking down photograph of the band CaliburnUK, was the first creative and adventurous photograph to explore with angles and positioning of the camera, having the equipment and tools to brighten and sharpen the images.

The equipment used within this photograph, was the relatability and usage of the flash with the camera to brighten and capture the detail of even individual of each band members instead of being a point and shoot headshot of the bands, making it looks so simple and boring towards the bands view towards their fans and clients who are interested in looking for hire or promotion.

Other than the equipment used within the location shoot, the usage of Photoshop and Capture One, with a hint of Lightroom. Made the photograph more to the styles of what the clients of the band wanted to advertise and promote themselves onto the social media.

Facebook Post of CaliburnUK. Promoting themselves and my photography work, on social media. August 2017

One of the photograph from CaliburnUK digital series was uploaded onto Facebook, advertising and promoting the band on social media to empathise that they are a local within the specific area.

However, the equipment uses within this image was very adventurous and creative from the photographer’s perspective by exploring angles from shooting downwards to upwards so all of the band members can be seen within the photograph. Also, the advantage of flash on the camera, demonstrates a moody and grungy atmosphere within this photograph in which band was looking for in the photographs because if it was a happy and positive photograph you’ll make the band look like a punk rock and metal/heavy rock band, what won’t be appealing or interesting towards metal/heavy rock type of music fans.

Overall the outcome of the digital series for the photo-shoot, was to promote myself as a music photographer on social media so that more clients within the music industry can hire me for location shoots, events and album photography in the future career. Also from this I have learnt to research different photographers within the music industry and ask what type of photography or imagery the client wants in case the client may not like the photos I have been influenced by photographers, having a clearer and broader mind set for what are the goals for the outcome of the overall within and after the photo-shoot and photographs being promoted for the music band.

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