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Facebook Page: JamesWaylingPhotography

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Looking for my Music and Event Photography

About the Facebook Page:

Milton Keynes and Northampton Based

Mostly Music and Event Based Photography on my Facebook Photography Page.

Other Work is on my Website and Flickr Account.

Facebook Photography Page:

Changes towards the Facebook Page:

Facebook Profile: Just the logo with the original colour and design, quite recognisable and noticeable for viewers/fans and clients looking for my photography page. Old Profile – Was a Simple image of one of the work with just a Lightroom basic copyright: Name with photography, which looked amateur and unprofessional towards my photography promotion within Facebook social media.

Cover Page: Instead of a mixture of photography and logo either in the corner or middle, making the photography style and theme odd, showing a mixture of sport/music and event photography, making the area of photography which self-specialise in. The chosen imagery was edited to the Cover Page size for Facebook, making sure the logo (recoloured to just Black & White to match the colour pattern on the Imagery) is central and in the middle of the cover page on the Facebook Page.

Imagery: Had to remove and delete some photography not relating to music/event or in between the two, on the Facebook Page. Only showing this style of photography from now on, whereas my other photography will only on the website or other social media (such as Instagram, Tumblr, Flickr and many more).

Information Page: Edited the photography page information, details and about. Plus shows more photography work (on the other social media like Tweeter, Instagram and email). For the story (about page) mostly written statement (What my skills and work is like – short and simple)

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