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Music Location - Third Location Music Photographer and Lighting Director

Third Location – University of Northampton: Avenue Campus (Film Series)

Late February and early March 2018:

  • Date: 26th February 2018

  • Location all day was near and around University of Northampton: Avenue Campus and Racecourse in Northampton

  • Task: Digital, was to keep up-to-date lighting and settings for the media student when recording both day and night, bus a few photos of the buses driving pass as well. Also, suitable night-time lighting as it was going to be both daytime shooting and night-time shooting as well. Finally, a few photographs and documentary in the recording studio as well.

  • Whereas for the Film side of the photography, try to get a Don Hunstein style of documentary photography with the musical style of photography of Mick Rock and Paul Harries digital and analogue style into mix.

Within this project of the final ideas and layout of exploring the art of portraiture within a street/documentary style. I wanted to capture and document the musician’s natural and realistic within this series of photography, relating to the style of Don Hunstein street based photography and the theme and layout of Terence Donovan when photographing a unique character of the subject within the photograph, creating a surreal narrative through the subject; facial expression, lighting and body language.

From the Career Development Overview:

Overall from this experience and practice, help improve my communication, networking and photography skills (by giving advice and techniques to help the videographer learn and improve when shooting a narrative/story throughout the documentary and videoing of the music video around Northampton – Within the University and nearby.

Also learning the skills and knowledge of video graphing than photography as well throughout the creation of the music video (being a spare pair of hands for the media student, demonstrating and understanding the photography within videoing – if that makes scents within a photographer’s perspective, could be too surreal to understand). Learning further angling, notion-full type of imagery/shots for photographing/video-graphing a narrative, notion or story similar to documentary photographers of both digital and analogue photography.

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