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Portraiture Photography

Portraiture and Studio Photographer

Content Page:

1. Brief

2. Influences and Research

3. Questioning my Studio and Portrait Photography Skills and Knowledge

4. Performing Arts and acting Photography, also freelance portrait work as well (Work Experience)

5. Studio Music Commissions

6. Charity Photography – Anthony Nolan and Northampton Marrow

7. Fashion Studio Photography (Work Experience – Studio Assistant)

8. Layout and Presentation of Studio and Portraiture Portfolio

9. Personal Reflection of Portraiture and Studio Photography

Portraiture and Studio Photographer within fashion, business, acting and performing arts


Displaying and showing progress and development within studio and portfolio-based photography within self-career development, showing a vary of skills not in photography but also in a business environment; time management, planning, cost/profits and outcome of the imagery towards the client.

The final outcome for this portfolio will show a strong mixture of photography ranging from acting/performing arts, business and fashion-based photography only, due to the fact music and creative photography is a sperate type of photography and needs it only style of portfolio and work throughout its own media.

Influence and Research:

Terence Donovan – Photographer’s Gallery: August 2016

Most interesting and influential photographers within both style of photography which I enjoy, with a surreal passion. Looking into the balance of understanding framing and scale of the imagery with analogue photography (especially when framing photographic paper from darkroom into an exhibition, I know they could be possibility digital prints which were scanned but it is good to understand the technical practice of the darkroom – professionalism needed when presenting prints or contacts throughout portfolio, exhibitions or gallery).

Layout of the exhibition:

  • Frames aren’t matching or similar to the print (could be because it will be a distraction if black, so it needs to blend within the wall to solely focusing on the imagery)

  • Great mixture of portraiture and fashion based photography, portraits in one section whereas the street and location photography away from the portraits, so that the narrative/story of the imagery aren’t confusing or odd.

  • Colours of the walls, very unique and different towards each subject within the individual, could be a representation of individual personality or character. Or another way to blend the frame into the gallery to prevent distraction or loss of interest.

Terence Donovan - Speed of Light

Terence Donovan: Portraits

Good portraiture and fashion-based photography book of the experience and skilful work of Terence Donovan, looking and researching into the type of methods and ways to read the body language and facial expression of the subject within the photograph.

Demonstrating a surreal narrative of the individual, if ignoring who the subject is within the photograph than looking at the expressions and body language, you can read the unique personality and character of the individual (exploring this type of method within own photography work, discovering through expression of the subject’s eyes, face and body language. Not by looks and appearance).

Layout of the book, it the style and design, I like which I could explore and characterise a separate portraiture and fashion based photography portfolio book.

Cindy Sherman:

Portraiture and Self-Portraiture with the camera

  • Mostly with the acting and performing arts photography, also working with understanding feminism (within photography and better understanding of it)

  • Quite relatable to the work of performing art and acting photography, due to the fact that an actor/actresses changes appearance, clothing and style physically. Showing a quite unusual behaviour of being someone else than being themselves, while in scene or out of scene.

  • Very similar to chameleon in a surreal meaning, constantly changing within their career, making their actual self (the actor/actresses)

Lydia Millen: Traveling and Fashion Blogger

February – Subject’s Future Week

Selfie with Lydia Millen – Subject’s Future Weeks

Fashion and Travel Blogger:

  • Advice within social media; know quite well-known contacts who always looking for a photographer to up-date their profile and imagery.

  • YouTube: Good media to use to promote and show the photographer’s story of the fashion shoot, event or photography practice. Which can be a photo-shoot, retouching or other photography-based work or documentary of the photographer’s progression.

  • Instagram and Facebook: Good understanding of these social media to also promote self, using a lot of hashtags (the correct one, so it is not a spam).

Like a Rolling Stones (1995), Taschen ‘Rolling Stones’     Book. Anton Corbijn
Like a Rolling Stones (1995), Taschen ‘Rolling Stones’ Book. Anton Corbijn

Anton Corbijn

Overall of the Anton Corbijn as an influence:

With black and white photography within analogue (sometime digital), the notion and exploration portraiture photography of the characteristic and nature of a subject using natural and artificial lighting.

The comparison between Antonin Kratchvol to Anton Corbijn, is the different approaches in how both photographer work with the subject or client. Exploring with the use of lighting, in which Antonin Kratchvol use natural lighting in some of his portraiture photography than Anton Corbijn work, depending to the comparison of a simple portraiture to a creative method in photography.

Other than the lighting, the approaches of the both photographers, demonstrates a strong confident and approachable skills needed for portraiture. Which myself work needs to improve on slowly and surely, to improve my photography skills, not just photography communication and networking skills in the art of portraiture photography.

Furthermore, for the comparison of the techniques and methods within both photographers, demonstrates different styles and theme towards portraiture photography, as location photo-shoot takes time and patience due to the day to night cycle changing, affecting the lighting, atmosphere and setting making the final image, look either high key or low key (even the outcome which is not forward or looking for). Making the use and important of flash and artificial lighting to be added or needed within the photograph, to manipulate the style the photographer is looking for in the photograph.

Overall from both photographers, both influence and inspire to push the boundaries of portraiture photography within the music, acting and performing arts industry throughout the analogue stages of photography to the early digital age of photography, understanding the use of materials and technology to create a photograph.

Techniques and Methods – Little Review:

  • Different use of approaches, sometimes close and focusing on the expressions and detail of the subject’s face, capturing the human gaze, expression or mood within Anton Corbijn’s portraiture.

  • Within black and white photography portraiture, colour isn’t important but the composition, lighting and use of equipment. Also, attention to detail and meaning towards the photograph, reason to take that photograph.

  • Exploring different angles, positions and locations to express and capture an identity of one person’s characteristic, nature and personality.

  • Different materials of film, which could be explored and developed within darkroom practices: Considering film and print makers of analogue photography

  • Approaches towards people, exploring the use of street photographer methods and techniques from experience in capturing a person within portraiture photography.

  • Different approaches towards bands, musicians and artists within the music industry.

Harvey Keitel. 2005. Antonin Kratochvil

Antonin Kratochvil


About the Photographer:

  • American – Czech Photojournalist

  • A founding member of VII Photo Agency

  • Portraiture and Music photographer (Hints of Documentary theme work)

Photography work is very street based and location, looking very close and personal to the model/subject within the portrait photograph. Interesting techniques to use street photography and portraiture due to the fact of both subject being a keen interest within self-work in photography in which I could explore within the project.

Techniques and Methods – Little Review:

  • Close and Personal towards the subject, maybe the use of different lens to get close.

  • Techniques of street photography, to make the photographs look more candid and nature towards the viewer, plus one of the strengths of street photograph is no rules.

  • Different lighting and shadows from natural lighting, making timing and planning needing to be perfect and organised.

  • Also, a lot of adventuring and creativity when doing location shoots, by exploring on approach towards the subject, angles of the camera and lighting is, also model position or camera’s position (which could be explored within my work in the studio or location photo-shoot).

  • Candid feeling towards the photograph, making it feel personal and meaningful, describing the character of one-self of the model or subject, also demonstrating the skill of communication and skills within analogue and portraiture photography.

  • Different ISO Film or type of Film to use on location/studio: Exploring the different types of film and photographic materials to get different contrast, tones and details within self-photography work and portfolio, to look professional and creativity

Portraiture Practices (Studio and Location) – Self Evaluation

Practices in Portraiture photography

Current Portraiture photography – Practices and Studio based with a Digital and Analogue Camera

Practice with Digital photography from early 2017 to early 2018, preparing and testing the lighting, composition and theme to explore and further within outcome I’m looking for or want to emphasis.

Portraiture of Mark O’Connor

Portraiture of Mark O’Connor. Northampton. November 2017. James Wayling

The processing mind of the Portraiture of Mark O’Connor:

- Influence by Terence Donovan’s method in reading the characteristic and nature of the model/subject through the gaze and human body action, to describe the narrative within the photograph.

- Lighting and Composition relates to the style and influence of David Bailey, an interesting portraiture photographer through the lighting side of photography than reading the subject’s mood and charactistics through the shot. But can create the moods through lighting in the background or on the subject’s face.

- Favourite Lighting technique which I used is Rembrandt lighting, as it demonstrates a heavy dramatic mood within the image, by describing the serious but atmospheric feeling within the photograph, which David Bailey shows within his work within the studio, although within the art of street photograph to get Rembrandt is more complex and somewhat difficult to explore due to the angle, positioning and timing to find the photograph.

- Human gaze: Big topic when it comes to male and female perspective in photography, which seems no big deal if photographer can understand the human emotion and body language of the subject and combine it artistically into the lighting atmosphere (which seems better than exploring and capturing the human gaze within my point of view).

- For the outcome for the Image: Use for professional profile or personal profile on a social media platform.

- Practices towards my project within music and portraiture photography idea, helping me evaluate and predict what type of photography I want to create within a narrative.

- Black and White: More meaningful and deeply relatable to portraiture photographers within both location and studio based influence, plus colour is quite distracting and overused a lot within portraiture photography. Also understanding the affects black and white affecting the lighting of the image, imagining the ways how analogue photographer problems and solutions to solve.

The self-evaluation of my practices within Portraiture photography:

When practicing the art of portraiture, there are so many concepts and meaning towards the photograph, that many photographers, artists and viewer predictable and assuming nature within this type of photography, going into a mixture of debates and meaningful nature, feeling more about words and representation than a passion or emotion of enjoyment within photography which makes photography as a subject lose it touch, within self-perspective when exploring photography throughout portraiture.

The self-perspective of portraiture follows the style of street photography but in a more simpler notion and meaning towards it, by reading and interacting with the person (the word subject/model seems to sound rude/non-human when photography a person within portraiture photography) looking for a narrative or story through the expression of the person’s facial expressions, body language and eyes telling the mood and character of the person within the photograph, with the support of artificial lighting and background colour and settings to emphasis the meaning of emotion towards photography. Using my character and emotion describe the notion of feeling with the camera, describe what self is explaining than the use of words and paragraphs to cover my true motives within self-photography, which some don’t understand or read when considering the photograph’s meaning.

Methods of how photographers explore portraiture, can be driven and influence by the characteristic and nature of the photographer and subject within the shot, ‘a photographer making a portrait is driven by two powerful forces: His own creative approach and the personality of his subject,’ demonstrating the human interaction can discover and express the way the person within the photograph feels and express, but it can also display the creativeness of the photographer’s influences, ideas and thinking, can also inspire an meaningful narrative towards the portrait in methods which can’t be explain with words and paragraphs but with imagery instead. Similar to how a painting explaining the mood and nature of the artists, through brush strokes, colour and patterns.

Overall from the self-practice of portraiture photography, this was a method and experimental practice of understanding and reading the subject when taking a photograph for self-final project idea and plans to get the notion in rolling than waiting or planning late. Although the project could be exploring musicians and portraiture, some ideas and plans can backfire or not work, so the plan B will be exploring portraiture of people – reading the character and nature of the subject.


The Camera, Life Library of Photography. Hardcover. 1975. p. 40

Work Experience within Portraiture and Studio Photography

Performing Arts and Acting Photography:

Zakiya Theatre Company Studio Photographer for the Acting Company

‘A matter of race’ – Project brief and work as a studio photographer

Work Experience

About the Theatre Company: Zakiya Theatre Company is dual-female cast company which focus on modern days problems, which is problems with woman’s equality and race, sometimes the person’s background and history. ‘Zakiya Theatre Company is an all-female, biracial theatre company determined to shed light on racial issues affecting the world today.’ – Zakiya Theatre Company (FB About Page).

For the imagery, the brief was to make it impactful and meaningful towards her view highlight in the importance of women’s equality and racial equality which company wanted to emphasise.

Process of the Studio Photography: First step of the progression was to ask the clients what type of lighting and backdrop they wanted for their final imagery, messaging via text and email before booking the studio to make clear of what visually the clients want and looking for was in my mindset.

The influences within the studio photography for this brief were basic, mostly looking at how photographers interact with the model maker feel relaxed and natural within the photograph. A good influence which demonstrated passionately throughout studio photography was the work of Terence Donovan, due to the fact of his charisma and performance Terence Donovan gives within studio photography. Terence Donovan studio work demonstrates the professionalism and skill with the camera plus lighting of the studio needed within portrait and studio photography to impact the viewer to look at the image.

Planning and research for the ideas of the shoot, it was time to book and prepare the studio for the clients following the advice what the clients wanted as their backdrop. The surprise was which I wasn’t told in advance or during the studio time that the clients were topless and had the words on their backs because of the different skin colours of both actresses to emphasise the meaning of racial equality into the photograph.

This experience from the theatre company, it has shown confidence and communication skills required in studio photography which the clients wanted myself to do for them to advertise for them within their company page, Facebook page and social media page.

JW.James Wayling. ‘A Matter of Race’ – Zakiya Theatre Company. May 2017

Final production of the Zakiya Theatre Company:

The overall progress of the final production of the imagery came out to the needs of what the clients wanted for the poster and commercial advertisement. During the editing stage the clients messaged via email and text the theme and colour or black-and-white versions of making it impactful and meaningful towards the viewer.

From the selection of from a mixture of photographs, this one was the strongest impactful one, which the clients wanted for their final production as a poster, and advertisements for their performance at flash theatre festival 2017 and future advertising for their company. The reason for the selection was because the words of ‘A Matter of Race’ was in line with each other and the shadows within this photo was focusing on both models and the words on their backs. Also, from this I had to carefully in line the words together so that viewer can read and understand what it says. The reason why clients (also the models) wanted this was because they wanted it to be very impactful and emphasise equality within race and women’s rights making it feel their actions speak louder than words.

For this poster as the final production from the image of the final production demonstrates through communication and teamwork with another graphic designer create successful and impactful poster what the client needs for their performance piece and advertisement piece towards the public within social media, Facebook page and posters.

JW. James Wayling. A Matter of Race Zakiya Theatre Company. May 2017

The outcome demonstrates a lot of practice within studio photography which influences and photographers who inspired me in my photography show and demonstrate professionally and passionately throughout my studio photography. Also from the series of ‘A matter of race’ it helped confidences to do body and figure photography more comfortably then feeling nervous or refusing to do it in respect of person who is semi naked or naked in front of me.The portfolio of the work is shown on my photography portfolio page on Flickr, which is linked onto my social media is to promote and advertise what I can do plus the advantage of photographing these clients is that they are promoting not just their company are my business or name to let the viewer or target audience to contact or use my photography work for theirs commercial or advertising if they need a photographer.

Link towards Flickr account:

Link towards Theatre Company’s Facebook page: (Could be Removed, as it was just a third-year practice for their performing arts project – May 2017 to July 2017)

Socially Awkward Theatre Company

The photography of the company series

Work Experience

Performing arts comedy duet of actresses

About Socially Awkward Theatre Company:

Theatre Company of socially awkward theatre is a duo-cast member of female actresses, in performing arts focusing on comedy and humour with hints of murder and dark story-line within some of the performances.

Influences by duo-cast members of both male actors and female actresses but wants to proof that females are as much funnier or humorous than the male counterpart, showing a brief hint of quality within the performing arts industry.

Influences within the photoshoots:

As these two were needing a photographer in November 2016, I thought of taking the role of studio and performing arts photographer, due to my experience and understanding of portraiture for the studio and theatrical photography in their practice run in drama studio.

Terence Donovan. Maggie Smith. 1964

The first influence for the studio photography, was the looking of Terence Donovan studio photography with actors and actresses within performing arts, reason for the photographer was the fact the techniques used within his work was not just the photographer making money or basic imagery for the clients but forged a way to capture the actual character and nature of one self within the image.

Brief Example of Terence Donovan photograph which influence and inspire me to explore the methods within my photography in studio photography, was the photograph of Maggie Smith. Which I heavily analysis and researched within my second year, due to the fact of my interested in film photograph and studio photography to sharpen and further my techniques and methods more creativity.

Of my review and analyses of the photograph (From my Second Year Sketchbook):

Straight lighting from above, highlighting the facial features of the actress. Could of use soft box or beauty dish to soften the lighting of within the photograph.

Composition of the image, demonstrates a balance and focus type of subject. If we ignore the actress frame and success within her career, thinking of it a just a model within the photograph. She shows a compelling and surprising type of position on the stall, maybe a way to express and capture the actress’s personality and characteristics towards the viewer also a different way of shooting within the studio than the formal and basic straight on approach. Exploring with different ways a person can act or sit on a chair, pushing ways and boundaries to position or present the person to what type of role or area they do within their career. Within my work, when working with actor/actress could ask them to use their hands and ways to express and show the characteristics than they are an actor/actress within acting/performance and a musician with a music prop to emphasis their passion towards music.

Studio Photo-shoot and Location shoot (Drama Studio) with the Socially Awkward Theatre Company: For the studio photo-shoot, I planned for the booking and preparation for both actresses to come in for the studio portraiture and full figure, plus a suitable place for both to change clothing for each specific scene of the performance they want to capture within my time in the studio.

Also, for the studio the brief given towards myself was to apply a lot of open space when doing full figure and briefly portraits (Headshots of both or one of them) so both actresses wanted to place text or information about future event with my photography.

Outcome of the photo-shoot in the studio, demonstrated a commercial and advertising aspect for the clients it also improved and added more professional studio-based portfolio of work.

Other than the studio based photography, I also did location based (within the drama studio) to capture the atmosphere and moods of the actresses in their scenes or character which they show less in the studio and acted more of themselves than the character (losing the notion of what they were looking for), which could be more expressed or captured in depth in they own environment.

For the location shoot in the drama studio, the duet of actresses was more in character than themselves more naturally and comfortability towards myself, getting for the outcome towards the client. Also, with the location shoot I use the equipment of the portable lighting kit and colour gels to help brighten capture the characters of each scene and emphasis the specific moods and atmosphere the clients wanted in each scene and what was suitable for my photography portfolio as well from the outcome of both shoots throughout the 2-day photo-shoot in studio and location.

Finally, the other outcome from the photo-shoot of the drama studio, was the time for myself to capture both actresses being more naturally themselves after the practice run in which I have taken them outside of the drama studio and shot outside with the use of portable lighting as well, to capture they individual character and personality. Feeling more natural and relaxed, than staged or unnatural within the photography studio and drama studio within they photograph, relating to my influence for this outcome.


- Socially Awkward – Facebook Page:

- Studio/Drama Studio Photography:

G.M.H – Flash Theatre Festival 2017

Work Experience – Studio Photographer and Theatre Photographer

Link to Photography (Imagery with no Edits):

Similar to the Matter of Race photography theme and style, with the background being black but the lighting (main lighting facing towards the model – two males and the female) colour – Ice Blue, representing an ice queen nature and character within the actresses.

From this it was working with an editor who added special effects, such as adding the frozen-ice blocks design and layout towards the imagery. Also, a good way to represent the story/narrative of the performance (discreet meaning about the story, like a hint to get the audience what style of acting it is going to be – either horror, action or mystery/murder. Depends on the mood and atmosphere of the imagery)

Overall it was quite similar to ‘Matter of Race’ – Zakiya Theatre Company but the contacting and details by the clients were quite last minute, making the editing and photo-shoot seem quite rushed and unprepared (making the photography series, very blurry and underexposed few some of the portraits and group shots)

Poster of G.M.H – Theatre Promotion:

Freelance – Fashion and Portraiture Location Photo-shoot 1

Freelance Work (Work Experience)

Client needs:

Smart and Casual-based photography with small style and themes of fashion, smart but casual but in an empty and casual location so that the clients is relatable and chilled (relaxed and calm – feeling like he apart of the location).

Also, day and afternoon lighting, even night photography at a specific location in Northampton: Avenue Campus.

Client can change clothing, representing new styles and fashion statements throughout this mini-series of photography, rule was that the photographs were not to be used publicly (website and social media) but used for portfolio physical or private digital series for online portfolio usage for work or clients looking for similar photography of fashion or portraiture photography style and themes.

Overall outcome of the photography shoot, the client mostly wanted smart and fashion-based photography use social media use (like Instagram to promote his popularity of profile – both business and fashion related). Plus, a more up-to-date portfolio of fashion for the client and a strong creative fashion portraiture location portfolio within my work. (Only for private use – such as physical portfolio or private digital portfolio)

Freelance – Fashion and Portraiture Location Photo-shoot 2

Client needs:

This client was a business client which wanted only smart and fashion-based type of location which matches his specific clothing (a specific surprise and exploration within my creative approach of creating a narrative of the person’s character – relating to street photographer identifying a person through expression and body language, which is the true notion of street/people photography)

Started off with the client being very nervous and shy of modelling, but once having a few laughs and talks about his interests and career of why he wanted to model or photos, the client started to become a natural and open up his true character within the photos, wanting a serious and moody expression on the client’s face.

Overall, the photography was use for portfolio use for both myself and clients. With the client, the portfolio of photography was an exploration of seeing a brief experience of modelling and a taste of the fashion industry, plus also a smart and creative profile image of the subject (either being used for personal or modelling use). Whereas for my portfolio, an extension of portrait photography within different locations (showing different experiment types than only studio based, which the could give a more interesting and different notion of photography when being compared to other portraiture photographers)

Some of the imagery from both photo-shoots, will be used for a custom-made photography book within studio and location portraiture.

Work Experience within Studio and Portraiture – Music

Throughout the practice of studio and portraiture photography, the area of music photography from my other specialisation sometimes mixes into this area of photography. Mostly because not every musicians, artists and music bands want/need an album, promotion or advertisement but want to explore the commercial and fashion side of photography (most music clients within the popular music to rock genre of music have unique styles and trends that they want to express or show with imagery).

The other reasoning for musicians needing a photographer to help for portfolio use, could be the client becoming self-employed and need a photographs to help create posters and advertisement for employment or work, depending on the specific areas the clients want to go into.

Musician Client – RorzUK

Client needs:

Wanted a mixture of smart clothing portraits and full figure with guitar (looking like a smart self-employed teacher within music). Punk Clothing styles with a guitar relating to punk genre (for musical recruitment, for the client to show bands looking for a lead/first guitarist) and rock clothing style (for rock and roll nostalgia feeling of past guitarists of the past, also a portfolio for myself)

Black background/backdrop on light on the client and props within the image, so the editor can add. Plus an enjoyable series (client, is a very good friend who I have worked many times within music events and photography commissions).

Overall the final outcome of the images were, strong and reliable for the client needs for commercial and advertising use on social media (on the clients Facebook Page)

Link to the RorzUK Facebook Page:

Charity Photography – Anthony Nolan and Northampton Marrow

Calendar Photoshoot with the University of Northampton – Rugby Group (didn’t know which group)

December 2017

The task:

  • Creating a professional series of photographs of the Rugby Squad, in different months of the seasons. (Similar to Calendar Girl but with male rugby players)

  • A lot of contacts, between the client and models as well, permission sheets and contact sheets (which needed to be changed, due to giving all my imagery straight to the University and SU, which could give the ownership to someone else)

  • Just a Black backdrop – to match with the company colours

  • Privately and only specific people names on the list with this photoshoot (quite lucky, as it was snowing and University was partly closed, having only the technicians around, would have been quite a story to tell if others found out)

  • Had to do all the season of the months that represent the university life as well, this calendar was to be sold around the University (to raise money for both charity organisation, but if was cancelled for some odd reasons, which both me and the client couldn’t find out)

Overall, it demonstrated that anything can happen for both charity or paid work, meaning the professionalism and requirements needed for this type of photography, needs to be professionally under control and serious (no matter what type of photography it is going to be, nude or not). If I didn’t do this type of photography before, I would be very bashful and embarrassed to do the work as I find it quite rude to take the photograph of a body (no matter the gender, must have been a religious beliefs I followed in the pass when seeing another nude person). But now, it is just a normal and basic job, which the client’s needs and want for a task or project, meaning I would lose business or future work from the client if this was a paid work.

Studio Photography – Fashion Photo-shoot

March 2018 – Photography Assistant

Contact Sheet of my Photography Series

The role I was doing:

  • Was to assist the lead photographer, finding the correct lighting and aperture (settings) for the lead photographer to do his part within the fashion shoot.

  • Any photographs, I do would be only tests or photographs which the lead photographer couldn’t get perfectly.

  • Prepare and organise the lighting – Using the correct number (brightness)

  • Help the lead photographer find the best shots and angles – Needed to be much better than my imagery or photography, I produced (Making the priority to the lead photographer to produce the serious and best imagery for the fashion client)

Overall the outcome of the fashion series, was that the lead photographer was happy of my assistant to help get the photography, he want throughout the whole of the photo-shoot. Looking smart, professional and clean for the needs of the fashion client. Meaning, the work I produce was for test lighting and producing than the final outcome. But from this I have learnt if a similar role of being lead; to be a confidence, talkative and creative photographer while following the advice and ideas of the clients and the assistant of both the photography assistant and fashion assistant throughout the photo-shoot, whereas if it was an assistant photographer, it would be to help and give some advice/guidance to the lead photographer to help improve and professionalise the lead’s work than my own (preventing arguments or competition between the two lead and assistant which would look unprofessional towards both photographers and the client).

Layout and Presentation of the Portfolio:

  • Photographic Paper – Lustre quality, matching the quality paper with the black & white series of my music photography work as well.

  • In a black photo-book with the music photography; but the styles of each photography piece will be matching (portraits with portraits, props with props and full-figure with full-figure)

  • Series of Imagery: Are mid-late Second Year and Early Third Year Photography Work, displaying similar photography techniques and methods towards my influences and practices with both digital and analogue camera skills and knowledge.

  • For a creative portraiture – Only showing both Portraiture within studio and location:

  • With all styles of photography; Portraits, Fashion, Music and full-figure

  • Size is Square and small, lustre paper as well (this is my other portfolio book which can be edited and changed - adding more pages or imagery towards the book, depending on the type of photography within both studio and location – portraiture I want throughout the portfolio.

  • Having borders on each imagery and page, introduction has a link to my website only and logo (at the front as well, this is more of an experiment than an actual portfolio book)

Book design and Pages Layout:

Personal Reflection on Studio and Portraiture:

Starting with the studio and portraiture practice within my career development, at the beginning of this area of photography, I started quite shy and nervous due to worrying about messing the client around or the imagery either becoming to blurry or under/over exposed, but throughout the months and weeks with friends within the photography, music and performing arts, I started to learn from my influences and research how to professionally improve my photography imagery and commercialise my photography to clients looking for a photographer to help improve or develop their portfolio within a professional manner. Becoming more professional, confident and creative businessman within studio and portraiture photography, also improving myself as an individual to get used as a photographer towards previous and new clients, getting myself out there within the business world of photography.

From the experience and commissions of the studio and portraiture photography, it developed and quite quickly improved dramatically within the practice getting better quality of imagery which the clients wanted to use for their profile or portfolio and myself towards the industry, helping me find and discover jobs and work relating to the style of photography I’m looking for after my studies at university when going into the outside world.

Although studio and portraiture photography was one of the areas of photography which I want to go into, the drawback was the limited passion, creativity and how commercialise this area photography it is, feeling more of a business than an notion of imagery or practice, which can be a good thing when making a career out of it but it lack the drive or notion of photography into the type of specialisation I really wanted, feeling quite un-human like and passionate when working with normal clients within a business or casual area than comparing it to the work and experience of photography with performing arts and music clients, which pushes the creativity and notion of photography within my work.

Overall, within studio and portraiture photography, I would find a career position within this area of photography, but it feels more of a freelance and bouncing career than a full committed passion or drive, similar to the style of photography within both music and creative arts. But from this practice, it help improve my character and photography, becoming more sociable and confident of showing my photography when getting employed or commissions by the client within portraiture and studio.

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