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Scanning and Retouching Practices

Damaged Image - From Digital Scan

Retouched - On Capture One and Photoshop/Lightroom

Link to Edited:

Editing Methods and Skills:

  • Faster use of tools and systems on the editing media; Using shortcuts, such as Letter Commands to use the tools more efficiently and resourcefully without point and clicking on to the tools bar via mouse on the editing software (which is quite a time consuming amount of time to point and click on the tools, plus it looks/feels very amateur/unprofessional to do that method of editing)

  • Better understanding of the lighting correction – such as curves, contrast, brightness and texture (Changing the imagery to look for clear and professional); in detail and suitable for either going online – social media, website or blogs or physical portfolio – books, prints/sketchbook or posters.

  • Right Printing Mode/Software; Print needing to be adobe RGB (1998) for the correct and colourful selection than the basic/limited colour chart on other printing modes/software – when it comes to Colourful imagery with black & white can be adobe RGB (1995) sometimes but needs when printing to be slightly brighter on the screen (as it comes out a little darker than usual on the print – as specific photographic paper within digital photography can increase or decrease the contrast, textures and details)

Advice and Editing Skills/Methods of Editing Software:

  • The Photographer’s Guide

  • Photoshop Elements – Adobe Elements: Website, Books and Magazine

  • YouTube: Specific Photographers and retoucher, demonstrates editing software: Strengths, weaknesses and techniques to make it easier and useable to for beginning to master photographers on retouching or editing

  • The Photography Show: Talks, Events and Software advice or help to create/design the imagery/photograph

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