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Socially Awkward Theatre Company

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

The photography of the company series

Performing arts comedy duet of actresses

About Socially Awkward Theatre Company:

Theatre Company of socially awkward theatre is a duo-cast member of female actresses, in performing arts focusing on comedy and humour with hints of murder and dark story-line within some of the performances.

Influences by duo-cast members of both male actors and female actresses but wants to proof that females are as much funnier or humorous than the male counterpart, showing a brief hint of quality within the performing arts industry.

Influences within the photo-shoot:

As these two were needing a photographer in November 2016, I thought of taking the role of studio and performing arts photographer, due to my experience and understanding of portraiture for the studio and theatrical photography in their practice run in drama studio.

Terence Donovan. Maggie Smith. 1964

The first influence for the studio photography, was the looking of Terence Donovan studio photography with actors and actresses within performing arts, reason for the photographer was the fact the techniques used within his work was not just the photographer making money or basic imagery for the clients but forged a way to capture the actual character and nature of one self within the image.

Brief Example of Terence Donovan photograph which influence and inspire me to explore the methods within my photography in studio photography, was the photograph of Maggie Smith. Which I heavily analysis and researched within my second year, due to the fact of my interested in film photograph and studio photography to sharpen and further my techniques and methods more creativity.

Studio Photo-shoot and Location shoot (Drama Studio) with the Socially Awkward Theatre Company:

For the studio photo-shoot, I planned for the booking and preparation for both actresses to come in for the studio portraiture and full figure, plus a suitable place for both to change clothing for each specific scene of the performance they want to capture within my time in the studio.

Also for the studio, the brief given towards myself was to apply a lot of open space when doing full figure and briefly portraits (Headshots of both or one of them) so both actresses wanted to place text or information about future event with my photography.

Outcome of the photo-shoot in the studio, demonstrated a commercial and advertising aspect for the clients it also improved and added more professional studio based portfolio of work.

Other than the studio based photography, I also did location based (within the drama studio) to capture the atmosphere and moods of the actresses in their scenes or character which they show less in the studio and acted more of themselves than the character (losing the notion of what they were looking for), which could be more expressed or captured in depth in they own environment.

For the location shoot in the drama studio, the duet of actresses was more in character than themselves more naturally and comfortability towards myself, getting for the outcome towards the client. Also with the location shoot, I use the equipment of the portable lighting kit and colour gels to help brighten capture the characters of each scene and emphasis the specific moods and atmosphere the clients wanted in each scene and what was suitable for my photography portfolio as well from the outcome of both shoots throughout the 2-day photo-shoot in studio and location.

Finally, the other outcome from the photo-shoot of the drama studio, was the time for myself to capture both actresses being more naturally themselves after the practice run in which I have taken them outside of the drama studio and shot outside with the use of portable lighting as well, to capture they individual character and personality. Feeling more natural and relaxed, than staged or unnatural within the photography studio and drama studio within they photograph, relating to my influence for this outcome.

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