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Studio Photographer for Stalagmite Theatre Company

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

Freelance photography within the studio of the University of Northampton for Third Years Performing Arts.

What the Clients were looking for:

  • Black backdrop/background to prevent distraction similar to my portfolio work within my studio portraiture photography portfolio.

  • Full on focus on the eyes and face of the model in the shot.

  • Lighting on the face: Either the Butterfly lighting or loop lighting which feels somewhat dark and mysterious.

  • Lighting for the scenery: Dark and the subject/model, submerging out of the shadows.

  • Expression of the Model: Serious, glaring at the camera/audience to catch the attention. Also looking somewhat intimidating to look at. (Researching into the Human Gaze on my Part).

  • Lighting Colour: Frozen Cold Blue which save time for the photo-editor to work with to get the right colour for that theme when on Photoshop or Lightroom.

Research towards the Brief/Project

Lighting Techniques in the Studio:

Link towards the Lighting technique help

Butterfly Lighting

Loop Lighting

Short Lighting

Studio Portfolio from the Photo-shoot:

Flickr Portfolio:

Brief Example of the image the clients were looking for, all photos from the photo-shoot are in my Flickr Portfolio and briefly on the website.

Final Outcome of the Portrait image to Poster for Stalagmite Theatre Company.

Editor of Poster: Joseph T. Callaghan Stalagmite Theatre Company

Poster Of G.M.H

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