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The Artist and the Photographer Mini Project at an Event

For this project, this was to explore and express the art of portraiture with people who I have met as friends throughout the whole year of my photography studies at the university. From this it was a break from the musical and performing arts side of photography, but understanding and exploring the truth of portraiture, finding the characteristic, nature and personality of the individual through the express and notion they are giving from the subject (friend/person) within the imagery.

Furthermore, this practice of photography help/support the notion of photography I was looking for within the portraiture, finding the true representation and character of the subject.

Finally, from the artist who came in, he helps explore and capture a different perspective of portraiture photography and how to express the throughout the techniques of my skills and knowledge to express the narrative of the work more clearly and thoughtfully than taking photos/imagery without a reason or meaning towards it, questioning the outcome of what my photography portraits mean towards myself as a narrative or notion.

Research and Influences:

Portrait of Artists – Photographs by Jorge Lewinski (Book within the University of Northampton Library)

Interesting book, I read before the event and understanding portraiture from a photographer who take portraits of artists
Photography Book

Photographer: Jorge Lewinski

About the Jorge Lewinski:

  • Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society

  • Been a professional photographer since 1968

  • Until 1982, he taught photography and history of art at the London College of Printing

Interesting and abstract photographer within portraiture photography, but take portraits of artists, painters and performance artists within they environments (or atmosphere of an art studio), which represents and characterise them for who there are and what does it mean.

Also, it explores with different character and personalities of how to represent the individual within art (which could be explored and captured within the musical side of the photography, with the musicians and artist within music throughout my imagery and final outcome, displaying the interaction between the photographer and the subject is important and meaningful to create a surreal narrative towards the portrait)

Photographic Series with the Artists and Photographer:

Portrait of Millie:

A more unique and personal type of portrait than usual. This one was exploring the subject’s first step within the art studio.

From the subjects, perspective towards the studio, felt different and somewhat odd to be somewhere which doesn’t match her type of environment which was working/studying within engineering, which is quite different.

Within the subject’s expression and character throughout this photograph it was an expressive approach than how I work with musicians (very different interactions between the engineer going into the art studio to learn and observe about the notion of art)

The aim within this portrait was mostly to represent the individual’s beauty through the facial expression and body language, displaying a discreet shy character with a strong and unique personality to read from the subject. Whereas the surrounding and subject’s position can show a different meaning/notion, tricking the viewer that the individual could be artist within their judgement or viewing towards the imagery, which could be a surreal and different approach towards the projects brief (which was to represent and explore the portraits of musicians/artists but could be explored within other areas of the industry/arts within the portraiture project to capture a character of the subjects)

Wasn’t taken with Lomography film (which I’m currently studying and researching on), but pushed the limit on Ilford HP5 ISO 400 film to the test, pushing it to boast the grain details. Printed version on Fibre based photographic paper, will have the dust and scratches removed to show a lot more professionalism and cleanness onto the imagery (quite heavily debatable when it comes to dust & scratches on a print, some viewer like it as it shows the flaws/beauty of the analogue practice, whereas some viewers don’t which feels more digital than analogue showing over-rated perfection of photography. Plus feeling like a digital print which some viewers may not even notice or care about it, showing the lack of dedication and commitment needed to master the art of darkroom/analogue practices)

Portrait of the Artists:

Very chilled and relaxed character from this abstract artist (forgotten their name, pronouns for them than she or he to respect their gender identity)

But carrying on, the characteristic and nature of the subject within this imagery demonstrated the artist being in they own environment. Feeling more into the subject’s nature character and nature, ignoring the photographer (myself) when taking the photograph.

One of the ideal photographs of the type of portraiture with a documentary style within the photography, I want than staged and posing shots of the subject, feeling more like performances, acting or commercial side of photography, which seems too boring and unrealistic towards the viewer looking at the subject within the photograph.

Scanned than prints, was one of the was a debatable one but felt more of a quick snap than interacting with the artists, but is quite debatable and unique for social media or other usages for the artist or the photographer to explore the nature side of a person within a photograph

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