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Zakiya Theatre Company Studio Photography for the Acting Company

Updated: Jun 16, 2018

‘A matter of race’ – Project brief and work as a studio photographer

About the Theatre Company:

Zakiya Theatre Company is dual-female cast company which focus on modern days problems, which is problems with woman’s equality and race, sometimes the person’s background and history.

‘Zakiya Theatre Company is an all-female, biracial theatre company determined to shed light on racial issues affecting the world today.’ – Zakiya Theatre Company (FB About Page).

Process of the Studio Photography: First step of the progression was to ask the clients what type of lighting and backdrop they wanted for their final imagery, messaging via text and email before booking the studio to make clear of what visually the clients want and looking for was in my mindset.

The influences within the studio photography for this brief were basic, mostly looking at how photographers interact with the model maker feel relaxed and natural within the photograph. A good influence which demonstrated passionately throughout studio photography was the work of Terence Donovan, due to the fact of his charisma and performance Terence Donovan gives within studio photography. Terence Donovan studio work demonstrates the professionalism and skill with the camera plus lighting of the studio needed within portrait and studio photography to impact the viewer to look at the image.

Planning and research for the ideas of the shoot, it was time to book and prepare the studio for the clients following the advice what the clients wanted as their backdrop. The surprise was which I wasn’t told in advance or during the studio time that the clients were topless and had the words on their backs because of the different skin colours of both actresses to emphasise the meaning of racial equality into the photograph.

This experience from the theatre company, it has shown confidence and communication skills required in studio photography which the clients wanted myself to do for them to advertise for them within their company page, Facebook page and social media page.

Outcome of the Image to a Poster:

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